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  2. Kelly Andrews says:

    I was possibly interested in applying, however, I dont see my town listed. We currently reside in the Woodsville/Haverhill area, do you work with that area also? If not, do you know whom one would contact for this area? I am in a small 3 bedroom apartment for a family size of 2 adults and 4 full time children, along with 3 part time children. Our infant daughter is currently sleeping in our hallway due to no room in the bedrooms for her crib as the bedrooms are on the small side ( one bedroom has room for the twin/twin bunkbed and two dressers, the other bedroom has a full/full bunkbed with a dresser and about 8 inches walkway between the dresser and bed, then the biggest bedroom has our bed, dresser, and bookshelf).

    • admin says:

      Woodsville is not in our affiliate area but you can still apply for a home and the home would be built in our affiliate towns

  3. donna smith says:

    we heard through the grape vine that you may have wood at a reasonable price for sale,we just bought a mobile home and there are 2 bedrooms that need to have the floors replaces we are both on disability so cant afford a lot but we can sure use some wood if you know of any one to help us.

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