From Groundbreaking to Walls in a Day

Volunteers have been working at the Hartco Avenue site in Lancaster for over a month now, but Saturday July 21 was a big day for the 2014 build. The day started with a groundbreaking ceremony to officially kick off the build. The ground had already been broken and cleared and the slab was in place to build which helped speed things along. The fifteen volunteers who worked on Saturday were able to frame and raise three of the exterior walls, which changes the site dramatically in a short time.

Ammonoosuc Region Vice President Chuck McLure says the build is already a couple weeks ahead of last years build and planning for this year is straight forward as this is the fourth time the affiliate is building this type of house.

Construction is typically scheduled for Thursdays and Saturdays and those who wish to volunteer are asked to sign up in advance. An informational newsletter is mailed out each week for those who want to be kept updated. If you are interested in more information you can contact us at

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