To contact us by mail or to send a donation, you can do so at this address:

Habitat for Humanity Ammonoosuc Region, P.O. Box 46, Littleton, NH 03561.

Our email address is:

And our phone number is: 603-616-2515

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  1. sam vars says:

    Hey I have recently found out about the work you do. I have a new family my fiance is pregnant and I take care of her son whose 3. The place we currently live in is unsafe to live and and we really can’t afford the rent here. Ther is a septic smell that is present here. We can’t afford to get a house with my bad credit. If its not to late to get into the chance for the house in Littleton I’d love to have me and my family to tlk to you about my number is 802-751-5068

  2. shayna fenoff says:

    I have a family of 6 it’s me, my fiance and our 4 kids. We currently live with family and there just isn’t enough room and there is no apartment that can accommodate a family of our size. How dose this all work. My dad told me about it and I don’t truly understand it all! If you can let me know how it works and what we need to do and if you think we can do it that would be greatly appreciated. 603-348-5686

  3. Angel Maria says:

    I would lik to requeast an application for my family for a habitat home in the Bethlehem Nh area.

  4. christine hill says:

    How might we apply?
    Does one need to live or work in your county?

  5. Robin Rogers-jensen says:

    We have a family of 6. My husband who has life long disabilities, my daughter, who has Down syndrome and multiple disabilities, my self, the care taker, my son, his wife and child, who will care for us when we age and will take over care for his sister with Downs. We are trying to make changes to our house in which I am still paying for, only to find it has very serious issues under neath, that ranges from mold to plumbing, electrical, rodents, failing furnace, unhealthy heat system. Just can not ever afford to fix it all. We live in Bath, on family property, we don’t want to leave this property. Do you have any programs that can help?

  6. hi, i recently moved from littleton to berlin due to the lack of adequate and available housing that was available to me and my family. we are very happy living in berlin but would like to have our own home. it is a bad situation when living in an apartment you have less than fair situations to deal with on a daily basis. loud noise, drug users up stairs from me and general bad elements to deal with. we are a good family and my income is within your qualifying range. would you help me or could you? 603-348-4559. thank you

  7. Ashlea Denton says:

    My husband and 17 month old son would like to apply for this years habitat house. What do I need to do to apply? We are very eager to be in our own home.

  8. Bailie Emmons says:

    I am a single mom of a 1 year old son. I just had to move home after a domestic violence situation with my sons father. I am my younger sisters support system as well since our father has passed away in 2017 and our mother moved away. We are currently staying with family but the living situation is tight. Aside from the affordable housing option there aren’t very many housing options in the area that are affordable of safe to be in. I’ve been on a waiting list with housing in the area but haven’t had any luck. I was wondering what it would take to apply for help from your foundation. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  9. Ashlea Denton says:

    How do I apply for the upcoming habitat house?

  10. Ashlea Denton says:

    I would really like to apply for the upcoming habitat house.

  11. admin says:

    To receive info on the build you can join our email list through the form above and you will receive updates as they come out.

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